Handmade Soap Cakes


Mmm..Those donuts and cakes look ''delicious'',don't they? When I first saw this picture I thought they were just some of those yummy pastries from a cake shop baked right out of the oven. But they are more than that actually. These are all made from soap, ''freshly baked'' by hand and they vary in shapes and patterns. Good for the eyes but not to be eaten.

It usually takes a long time to be ''baked'' by hand, and even longer than baking ordinary cakes. Soap cakes are perfect for special occasions or for gifts to friends. These yummy-licious soap cakes smell good enough to eat and are usually rich in moisturizing ingredients to feed your skin. I really love how the soaps were decorated just like real cakes and they all looked real pretty.

These cakes are sold in slice and they are none other than strawberry and grape cheese cake. At least that is what they are called. Pretty yummy name for a soap. ;)

The lovely 3-layer trifle

These yummy-looking bakeries would have fooled me if I had not touched it. They look seemingly real to me..especially the donut and the swiss roll.

I wonder how the coffee beans were baked into perfection. For those coffeeholics, they are gonna love the aroma of coffee goodness.

These cakes are perfect gifts for friends and even couples in love. By the way, Valentine's Day is coming.. besides real strawberry cheesecakes, you guys can consider these lovables as a gift to someone.. =)

How to Prevent a Scam


Okay, I am pretty sure most of you have had at least a credit card or so. You find it convenient to be carried around and purchases can be made easily. But little did you know that a single credit card can actually pose a lot of threat to you. You might or might not have realized but still, I am here to remind you just in case you have been ignorant. Keep these critical bits and pieces of information sacred. Thwart scam for good!

1) Your credit card number
Danger: A thief goes on a spending spree with your account.
Protection: Scrutinize every statement, and report all suspicious charges.

2) Your Social Security Number
Danger: Using your SSN and a bit of ''social engineering'', a crook can take out loans,
and even commit other crimes, in your name.
Protection: Place fraud alerts on your credit reports. Refuse to give your SSN as an ID.

3) Debit card number and PIN
Danger: With hidden devices at purchase or by hacking into retailers' computers,scammers
harvest and drain victim's debit cards.
Protection: Never use your PIN unless you are at a bank ATM. Shopping with your debit?
Say ''credit'' at checkout and sign, or use a signature-required debit card.

4) Bank passwords and log-ins
Danger: Your life savings vanishes in an instant, remotely, and with little trace.
Protection: Never click on a link to your bank that arrives in your e-mail. Visit your bank
online only by typing in the URL.

Simple New Year Food Resolutions to Improve Your Diet


So, what have you been wanting to achieve in the year of 2010? As for me, I have my own list of easy peasy new year food resolutions in order for me to improve my overall diet and stay lean. If you promised yourself you would shape up your diet, why not scroll down and grab the easiest and healthiest habits to start today. Here's a list of New Year Food Resolutions to kickstart your new year with a slender body. =)

No.1: If your food has a label, don't eat it. Spend less time reading the fine print for calories and grams of fat by eating stuff that has no label. Whole fruits,vegetables, grains and food that haven't been chemically processed have no labels.

No.2: When you are in doubt, saute with garlic. Just chop up your veggies and saute them with olive oil, garlic and even salt. This practically works for everything. If it's something hard like broccoli, simply cut the veggie up really small.

No.3: Next time you're going for a dressing, swap mayonnaise for mustard. A research showed in the medical journal states that turmeric (used in mustards), may slow the growth of fatty tissues.

No.4: Create your own salad bar in your fridge. After buying your green leafy vegetables, immediate wash,chop and store them, and make a weeks's worth of salad dressing. Grab your salad each morning before you go to work.

No.5: Choose lean cuts of meat and don't eat the fat. Avoid eating the skin on chicken, because although the meat is low in fat, the skin contains much more.

Prevent Cervical Cancer with HPV Vaccine!


Two days ago, my mom brought me to a clinic in Bukit Mertajam for a cervical cancer vaccine after knowing the importance of the HPV vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer. I am sure that many of you lack the awareness of cervical cancer, a type of disease which kills approximately 300,000 women globally every year. If you girls are not aware of the high risk of getting cervical cancer, then I think it's about time you buck up.

This post mainly talks about everything you need to know regarding HPV and cervical cancer,including the types of vaccine and the immunization schedule. I've narrowed down the research so as you can get the very best information. Hope you'll find it useful. =)

Okay, first thing first. You must be wondering what is HPV. HPV is known as Human Papillomavirus, is a viral infection that spreads by skin to skin through sexual contact. HPV is a group of over 100 different viruses, which at least 30 strains known to cause different types of cancer. And one of them is the cervical cancer.

How can you get HPV?

HPV is transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. It can manifest itself in flesh-colored warts that show up one to eight months after you become infected. However, some people infected with HPV have no symptoms at all, which means they could pass it on without even knowing it. Pretty scary isn't it?

Aside from causing genital warts, if a woman has HPV and it doesn't go away on its own, it's possible that the virus can cause abnormal cells to develop in the lining of her cervix. If not discovered early and treated, these abnormal cells can turn into cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a disease that affects the cervix in the female reproductive system, as illustrated above.

What are the symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

Many women often pass these symptoms off as PMS or ovulation pains because they mimic common ailments. The symptoms include abnormal bleeding (can be heavy or light bleeding during the month), unusual heavy discharge, pelvic pain, pain during urination and bleeding between regular menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, douching, or pelvic exam.

Now it's starting to get on your nerves, so what can you actually do about it? Or we say, prevent it before its too late? The answer is pretty much obvious; get a vaccine if you can.

Now back to my own experience. Before the injection took place, the doctor explained to me there are 2 types of vaccine, Cervarix and Gardasil. The doctor suggested Gardasil for me, as it protects against four types of HPV (types 6, 11, 16, 18) compared to Cervarix which only protects 2 types. It can be given to girls as young as nine years old, and any woman can get the vaccine if she feels at risk. After all, people used to say, prevention is better than cure, right?

So, I just had my first dose before proceeding to my second dose which is due on Chinese New Year. For your information, the Human Papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) is recommended in a three-dose schedule with the second and third doses administered two and six months after the first dose. Remember, you must have three doses to form a complete protection!

Also, get consultation from your doctor before you proceed to get your injection. You might want to ask for Gardasil vaccine instead of Cervarix, as Gardasil protects against 4 types of HPV. You can also go for a Pap Smear test which can detect abnormal cervical changes years before they become cancerous and begin to produce symptoms.

Credit to About.com