Beauty Talk: Oxy Mask


Once I went to SaSa and this lady, a sales assistant recommended me a bottle of OxyMask to try. This beauty product comes from Japan and is a kind of a gel-like type of mask in which it is used for firming and lifting up face. The sales assistant even gave me a free trial by applying the mask on my face to show me that it actually works wonders. A few minutes later,I was being led by the sales assistant to take a glance at the mirror to see the results. I wasn't sure whether my face was a little uneven all along or was it the magic of OxyMask. To ensure that the immediate results can be seen, the lady only applied one side of the my face just like the one shown on Ladies First Tv program (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da). The minute she applied the gel onto my face I could feel the bubbly tingling sensation,as the oxygen is penetrated into skin to activate cells.

OxyMask contains a unique formulation, OxyPearcalin, which derived from a combination of oxygen and beauty ingredients that deeply absorbs into the deeper skin layer. OxyMask allows skin repair and rejuvenation to take place internally, so skin becomes supple, translucent and radiant.

Skin Types:
OxyMask is suitable for both sensitive as well as acne-prone skin because it contains gentle ingredients.It replenishes oxygen into the skin to help combat bacteria and prevent new breakouts from forming.Besides that, OxyMask also diminishes skin sensitivity and improve skin's ability to repair and detoxify.

By using this product, one should know about the 2 factors that affect the quantity of bubbles:
1)Body temperature
2)Amount of the product applied
Those having a higher temperature may tend to experience more bubbles.Moreover, the methods of application and environmental conditions are also important factors that contribute to more bubbles being produced.
Although it is a bit pricey but if you have what it takes or just wanna try something new, go ahead and splurge on this 50ml bottle priced at RM198.Made available at SaSa stores. =)
Take a look at this Taiwan program show, Ladies First to see instant results using just 1 application of OxyMask.


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