Handmade Soap Cakes


Mmm..Those donuts and cakes look ''delicious'',don't they? When I first saw this picture I thought they were just some of those yummy pastries from a cake shop baked right out of the oven. But they are more than that actually. These are all made from soap, ''freshly baked'' by hand and they vary in shapes and patterns. Good for the eyes but not to be eaten.

It usually takes a long time to be ''baked'' by hand, and even longer than baking ordinary cakes. Soap cakes are perfect for special occasions or for gifts to friends. These yummy-licious soap cakes smell good enough to eat and are usually rich in moisturizing ingredients to feed your skin. I really love how the soaps were decorated just like real cakes and they all looked real pretty.

These cakes are sold in slice and they are none other than strawberry and grape cheese cake. At least that is what they are called. Pretty yummy name for a soap. ;)

The lovely 3-layer trifle

These yummy-looking bakeries would have fooled me if I had not touched it. They look seemingly real to me..especially the donut and the swiss roll.

I wonder how the coffee beans were baked into perfection. For those coffeeholics, they are gonna love the aroma of coffee goodness.

These cakes are perfect gifts for friends and even couples in love. By the way, Valentine's Day is coming.. besides real strawberry cheesecakes, you guys can consider these lovables as a gift to someone.. =)

How to Prevent a Scam


Okay, I am pretty sure most of you have had at least a credit card or so. You find it convenient to be carried around and purchases can be made easily. But little did you know that a single credit card can actually pose a lot of threat to you. You might or might not have realized but still, I am here to remind you just in case you have been ignorant. Keep these critical bits and pieces of information sacred. Thwart scam for good!

1) Your credit card number
Danger: A thief goes on a spending spree with your account.
Protection: Scrutinize every statement, and report all suspicious charges.

2) Your Social Security Number
Danger: Using your SSN and a bit of ''social engineering'', a crook can take out loans,
and even commit other crimes, in your name.
Protection: Place fraud alerts on your credit reports. Refuse to give your SSN as an ID.

3) Debit card number and PIN
Danger: With hidden devices at purchase or by hacking into retailers' computers,scammers
harvest and drain victim's debit cards.
Protection: Never use your PIN unless you are at a bank ATM. Shopping with your debit?
Say ''credit'' at checkout and sign, or use a signature-required debit card.

4) Bank passwords and log-ins
Danger: Your life savings vanishes in an instant, remotely, and with little trace.
Protection: Never click on a link to your bank that arrives in your e-mail. Visit your bank
online only by typing in the URL.