100 Yen Shop: RM4.90 for most Household Products!


Ever since the opening of 100yen shop near the hostel that I am currently staying at, I would sometimes take a short trip to the shop to get those household products for my daily use. As a student, I've always liked to purchase 100 yen shop's products mainly because almost all of the products were affordably priced and the location is rather convenient for me.

You must be wondering, since the products are so cheap the quality would definitely not be good. Well, I don't know about you, but I find that I can fully utilize those goods that I have purchased so far. Of course, for those who opt for premium quality products, just go ahead and get them at premium stores.

I can also easily stop by at the shop for some snow ice to relief myself from this hot weather. =) Oh yes, you'll definitely spot a cute penguin at a counter that looks like this....

I must admit, not all the household products were imported from Japan, but those foodstuff and beverages definitely were. Here's a sneak peek on those stuff I bought from 100 yen. They were priced at RM 4.90 each. =) There are loads of affordable products to cater to your household needs and these are just some of the itsy-bitsy that I can show you..

I have been wanting to buy a teapot because I used to love drinking tea. Some of those glass teapots out there are kind of expensive and since I am staying at a hostel so it's not such a bad idea to buy a RM 4.90 teapot from 100 yen store.

Except for this mop which costs RM 9.90. But it is still considered cheap right if compared to other superior magic mop selling at higher prices. And of course in order to form a complete set there comes this packet of 30 pc towel for floor cleaning. Wet and dry towels are available at the store catered to your preference.

I absolutely love Japanese snacks and candies, although they were priced at RM 5.90. Some are worth buying though, while some I considered it a bit pricey. Cream collon is delicious, the taste,biscuits, and flavour are different from those chocolate and strawberry Loller from Glico Thai. You will know what I mean if you love snacks like I do. =P

Japanese rice sake..maybe I was not used to the taste but somehow I tried it anyway because it cost me RM 5.90 and previously I haven't experienced it. Next time if you wanna purchase affordable household goods, try 100 yen store if there happens to be one near your house. Why spend more when you can get them at cheaper prices.

Spend Less $$$ and STILL look gorgeous!!


Wanna save on some hard-earned bucks by learning a few simple tricks and yet look stunning?Here's some beauty-savvy tips that are worth taking into account for.....

Tips No 1: Mix the last few drops of your favourite perfume to an unscented cream. Voila, the result is a moisturizer that smells good on your bare skin.

Tips No. 2: Cinnamon oil can be used as an alternative for lip plumpers. For your information you can easily get it online on sites such as eBay or any drugstore. But before you actually apply please try to do a patch test to ensure you're free of allergy.

Tips No. 3: Next time when you're thinking of pampering yourself with a DIY facial mask, just mix honey and brown sugar together to form a scrub. This solution is gentle, non-abrasive and removes dead skin.

Tips No 4: If you are running low on face moisturizer, try using olive oil. It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant which is good for skin. All you need to do is place a few drops on a cotton pad and dab it on dry areas to moisturize skin.