Healthy Eating for a Healthy Living: 4 Ways of Smart Eating to a Healthier You!


When it comes to food,it is not just what you eat,but how you learn to eat. Learning how to enjoy your meals in a smart way is something that can be easily done to achieve a healthier body. Now, who doesn't want to look great? Although this is not something new, but I would love to share with you some tips on how to eat healthily.

Take time to chew your food:
My friends and loved ones used to tell me that I tend to eat at a very slow pace and always urge me to ''faster eat lah...''! Little did they actually know that by eating slowly it would actually do some good, in the sense of a better digestion. Wouldn't you want to enjoy the flavours,textures and smells of your food by taking your time eating slowly?Okay, don't get me wrong if you are in a hurry..but it's worth a slow down if you have the quality time to sit down and enjoy your meal. Studies show that eating slower will improve your digestion,as it gives your stomach more time to ''process'' the food. Stuffing your entire meal down into your throat for 5 minutes isn't gonna do you any good and you're likely to suffer from indigestion. Do you know it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to produce the hormones that deliver the message to your brain that you're full. If you slow down, you allow yourself more time to feel full and this gives you a better chance of stopping before you ''get stuffed''. So, chew your food slowly.

Avoid eating while having stress:
When my exams are near or my assignments are almost due, I tend to binge on a lot of junkies. This probably explains why it is not such a good idea to eat while you are experiencing some stress. It will only make you wanting to eat more..! When you're feeling stressed, you might have the desire to crave on something sugary sweet or those fast foods you've always loved. This will not make you feel great, but instead it will only cause you to put on weight. So, the next time when you're stressed out, try some exercises like yoga or pilates to ease your mind. Head on to the music stores to get some dance workout DVD and sweat your worries out. By doing you can achieve a great body too =). Well girls,just go to the mall and shop till you drop!(if you have got the money) =P

Do you really wanna be like this??

Listen to your body:
Sometimes you're not even sure that you're really hungry. You may really be thirsty, so try drinking a glass of water first. During a meal, stop eating before you feel full. It actually takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough food, so eat slowly. Eating just enough to satisfy your hunger will help you remain alert, relaxed and feeling your best, rather than bloat your stomach.

Eat early,eat breakfast:
Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism, and eating the majority of your daily caloric allotment early in the day gives your body time to work those calories off. Also, eating small, healthy meals throughout the day, rather than the standard three large meals, can help keep your metabolism going and ward off snack attacks.


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