Spend Less $$$ and STILL look gorgeous!!


Wanna save on some hard-earned bucks by learning a few simple tricks and yet look stunning?Here's some beauty-savvy tips that are worth taking into account for.....

Tips No 1: Mix the last few drops of your favourite perfume to an unscented cream. Voila, the result is a moisturizer that smells good on your bare skin.

Tips No. 2: Cinnamon oil can be used as an alternative for lip plumpers. For your information you can easily get it online on sites such as eBay or any drugstore. But before you actually apply please try to do a patch test to ensure you're free of allergy.

Tips No. 3: Next time when you're thinking of pampering yourself with a DIY facial mask, just mix honey and brown sugar together to form a scrub. This solution is gentle, non-abrasive and removes dead skin.

Tips No 4: If you are running low on face moisturizer, try using olive oil. It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant which is good for skin. All you need to do is place a few drops on a cotton pad and dab it on dry areas to moisturize skin.


Amelia said...

Nice :)
I've ever tried the honey before and I liked it. The only problem is, It's difficult for me to find pure honey..

Hmm I like tips 1. Maybe I should try it too. Hope I can find unscented cream here.
Thanks for sharing :)

kenwooi said...

haha.. nice..
certainly a thriftier way.. =)


*josie* said...

I'll certainly try this..

Ayu said...

Great and useful info...thanks

farenova said...

thanks for the great tips!

401notfound said...

hi thanks for ur post

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