Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co.


There was one time I went to Sunway Pyramid to shop for Prom Night evening gown and right after reaching we decided to have our lunch there. We were quite hungry and wanted to try something big and delicious. That was when we spotted the bombastic logo,Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. Restaurant & Market, and straight we headed to our ideal place. We really liked the ambience of the restaurant, and the ''Good Ol' Times feel we had when we first entered the restaurant.
But before I tantalize you with their delicious menus, I would like to talk about some interesting regarding the history of the company. =P

The Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. Restaurant and Market consist of a chain of seafood restaurants and was inspired by the Forrest Gump film (1994). Watched the movie before? if you don't you can get to watch it during your dining at the restaurant becauses they keep re-playing the movie on tv provided. Nowadays Bubba Gump restaurants are operating worldwide, including Mexico,Japan,Indonesia,the Philippines,Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The first ever Bubba Gump's restaurant was incorporated in Monterey,California by the distributor of Forrest Gump. Another interesting fact is that the name of the restaurant was derived from the movie's (Forrest Gump) main characters called Benjamin Buford ''Bubba'' Blue and Forrest Gump. It was Bubba who suggested opening the shrimp business, and after Bubba's death Forrest pursued the idea of making the business a success.
Here's plenty of delicacies that we had for our meal. Super yummy!!But don't forget to try on their specialty-loads and loads of shrimp..............

During our dining, we ordered cheese baked seafood rice because it looked delicious on the menu. Real creamy and smooth enough to satisfy your tastebuds! With loads of cheese and seafood topped with cream sauce,it's definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Well,as for me, I ordered a B.B.Q back ribs for a nice try. But you'll need a lil' effort and patient to cut the meat though. =P

Strawberry-licious vanilla ice cream for desserts...

The chocolate version on the right side..
Calling all ''sweet tooth''..there are still many other yummy desserts to try. =)
Although these garlic bread looks ordinary,but actually they tasted really good. Experience it for yourself when you grab your first bite!


Oh, I forgot to mention that I ordered the value lunch ---> garlic bread + salad + BBQ back ribs + Ice Lemon Tea + Dessert= RM 55 =D

I am sure some of you might have heard of Bubba Gump's sountrack before. If you really like it just play it and enjoy! ^.^v

Etude House: Precious Mineral BB Cream


Just recently, I bought a Precious Mineral BB cream at the lovely korean Etude House during my typical shopping trip at Sunway Pyramid. With the intention of buying a tube of BB cream for daily use, right away i headed straight to the section which I found it most appealing to me: The new arrival Precious Mineral BB cream with a fancy packaging. The sales assistant immediately recommended me with the new products =)

There are basically 2 different types Precious Mineral catered for different types of skin. The white tube is more suitable for those who have oily skin, whereas the other pinkish tube is for those who have a rather dry skin. Be sure to choose the right one according to your type of skin. These products have 3 efficacies;

1) UV Protection (SPF 30/PA++)
2) Whitening
3) Anti-wrinkle

These Precious Mineral BB cream contains adenosine and arbutin for anti-wrinkle and whitening efficacies, with pearl infused sheer coverage. If you have oily skin, try using the white tube (#1 Sheer silky skin) because it helps to keep your skin looking matte. For those with dry skin, try using the pinkish tube (#2 Sheer glowing skin) as it promotes moisturized-looking skin with an instant glow.
Each 60gram tube enables you to use it for a long time and that's what makes it value-for-money. For your information, each tube is priced at RM 65.90, but I was given a 10% discount off the price =P. Probably due to its new arrival promotion though.

Oh yes, with a purchase of each Precious Mineral BB cream, one is entitled to 1 free cute,teeny version just like the ones shown above.You can even hang it on your mobile phones too.. ^.^

Plus, I was given a free poster of Lee Min Ho..hehe..
Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for Etude House ~.~

Goodness of Hair Mask


Now, tell me, do most of you actually prefer to be a lazy bug by just visiting the salon shop and let the professionals take care of all the hair treatment process?

Well, if you think it saves time and energy, then go for it. And for those who actually want to save some hard-earned $$$, here's some tips that I would like to share with you. But before I show you some DIY hair treat that won't burn a hole in your wallet, it's good to know the benefits of masking your hair.

Why Mask?Good haircare means making sure your hair is being fed with lot of nutrients and letting it form a protective layer naturally. The best tool is none other than a hair mask. Masking hair at least twice a week for a month is actually sufficient for you to eliminate frizz and obtain manageable hair. For those who went through a lot of hair chemical process, it is more effective to use a hair mask instead of just a conditioner. A constant application of hair mask may be necessary to prevent external aggressions and maintain your beautiful locks.

Try your own DO-It-Yourself Homemade Recipe and save on some bucks!! Here's how:

~1 tablespoon of oatmeal ( You can get it from Quacker's) =)
~1 tablespoon of fresh milk
~Almond oil



How to use:

Combine the oats, fresh milk and almond oil to make a thick paste. Before applying the mask, comb your hair to remove all tangles and ensure your hair is damp,not wet. Apply the paste onto your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly using shampoo and water.

If you're still lazy to even try to get all the ingredients mentioned and blend them, try Watson's Yoghurt Treatment Wax instead! It's available at Watson's personal care stores at a very reasonable price. This bottle of yoghurt wax seems almost too good to eat..

A regular use of this wax will make your hair real smooth and tangle-free. It has a nice strawberry yoghurt scent too.. =)

Enjoy your own salon spa at home..^.^v

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Living: 4 Ways of Smart Eating to a Healthier You!


When it comes to food,it is not just what you eat,but how you learn to eat. Learning how to enjoy your meals in a smart way is something that can be easily done to achieve a healthier body. Now, who doesn't want to look great? Although this is not something new, but I would love to share with you some tips on how to eat healthily.

Take time to chew your food:
My friends and loved ones used to tell me that I tend to eat at a very slow pace and always urge me to ''faster eat lah...''! Little did they actually know that by eating slowly it would actually do some good, in the sense of a better digestion. Wouldn't you want to enjoy the flavours,textures and smells of your food by taking your time eating slowly?Okay, don't get me wrong if you are in a hurry..but it's worth a slow down if you have the quality time to sit down and enjoy your meal. Studies show that eating slower will improve your digestion,as it gives your stomach more time to ''process'' the food. Stuffing your entire meal down into your throat for 5 minutes isn't gonna do you any good and you're likely to suffer from indigestion. Do you know it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to produce the hormones that deliver the message to your brain that you're full. If you slow down, you allow yourself more time to feel full and this gives you a better chance of stopping before you ''get stuffed''. So, chew your food slowly.

Avoid eating while having stress:
When my exams are near or my assignments are almost due, I tend to binge on a lot of junkies. This probably explains why it is not such a good idea to eat while you are experiencing some stress. It will only make you wanting to eat more..! When you're feeling stressed, you might have the desire to crave on something sugary sweet or those fast foods you've always loved. This will not make you feel great, but instead it will only cause you to put on weight. So, the next time when you're stressed out, try some exercises like yoga or pilates to ease your mind. Head on to the music stores to get some dance workout DVD and sweat your worries out. By doing you can achieve a great body too =). Well girls,just go to the mall and shop till you drop!(if you have got the money) =P

Do you really wanna be like this??

Listen to your body:
Sometimes you're not even sure that you're really hungry. You may really be thirsty, so try drinking a glass of water first. During a meal, stop eating before you feel full. It actually takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough food, so eat slowly. Eating just enough to satisfy your hunger will help you remain alert, relaxed and feeling your best, rather than bloat your stomach.

Eat early,eat breakfast:
Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism, and eating the majority of your daily caloric allotment early in the day gives your body time to work those calories off. Also, eating small, healthy meals throughout the day, rather than the standard three large meals, can help keep your metabolism going and ward off snack attacks.

Beauty Talk: Oxy Mask


Once I went to SaSa and this lady, a sales assistant recommended me a bottle of OxyMask to try. This beauty product comes from Japan and is a kind of a gel-like type of mask in which it is used for firming and lifting up face. The sales assistant even gave me a free trial by applying the mask on my face to show me that it actually works wonders. A few minutes later,I was being led by the sales assistant to take a glance at the mirror to see the results. I wasn't sure whether my face was a little uneven all along or was it the magic of OxyMask. To ensure that the immediate results can be seen, the lady only applied one side of the my face just like the one shown on Ladies First Tv program (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da). The minute she applied the gel onto my face I could feel the bubbly tingling sensation,as the oxygen is penetrated into skin to activate cells.

OxyMask contains a unique formulation, OxyPearcalin, which derived from a combination of oxygen and beauty ingredients that deeply absorbs into the deeper skin layer. OxyMask allows skin repair and rejuvenation to take place internally, so skin becomes supple, translucent and radiant.

Skin Types:
OxyMask is suitable for both sensitive as well as acne-prone skin because it contains gentle ingredients.It replenishes oxygen into the skin to help combat bacteria and prevent new breakouts from forming.Besides that, OxyMask also diminishes skin sensitivity and improve skin's ability to repair and detoxify.

By using this product, one should know about the 2 factors that affect the quantity of bubbles:
1)Body temperature
2)Amount of the product applied
Those having a higher temperature may tend to experience more bubbles.Moreover, the methods of application and environmental conditions are also important factors that contribute to more bubbles being produced.
Although it is a bit pricey but if you have what it takes or just wanna try something new, go ahead and splurge on this 50ml bottle priced at RM198.Made available at SaSa stores. =)
Take a look at this Taiwan program show, Ladies First to see instant results using just 1 application of OxyMask.