Alberto VO5 Hot Oil:Hair Repair Treatment


Recently,I just went through a hair-rebonding at a salon nearby my house. Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment, and this means that the chemical process itself is powerful for damaging the hair,causing it to become dry, weak and lead to hairfall. In order to overcome this problem, I am currently using the VO5 Hot Oil for my weekly hair treatment routine.
This little beauty comes into handy if your hair needs that little extra boost. Each pack contains 4 tubes of hot oil with an exclusive blend of 5 essential vitamins for shiny and healthy looking hair.It reconstructs damaged hair in just 1 minute! Good for people on-the-go.. Well I personally think that by utilizing 1 tube per week is already sufficient. I don't know about you, but I feel that salons are charging a high price solely for hair care treatments alone. So, I'll definitely stick to this one. =)
Here's some quick guides on how to use the hot oil:
1) Remove 1 tube from the carton.Place the unopened tube in a cup of water to heat.You can
alternatively drop into bath and run under shower.
2) Take note that the hot oil is used before shampooing. Massage the contents of tube into hair &
leave up to 1 minute.
3) Rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo as usual.
Alberto VO5 Hot Oil is available at Watson's,Guardian & other participating stores. Go grab it!


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