Padini Holdings Berhad


Padini is a leading fashion industry in Malaysia, with its ''Made in Malaysia'' stamp proudly carried abroad. The company aims to serve the interest of those customers who are fashion conscious that consist of both sexes and all ages. In order to keep in pace with the competitive world of fashion industry, Padini offers the latest fashion trends to meet the changing needs of its target customers, and has always strived to improve its production lines and increased capacity.

Vincci is the company's successful footwear market that caters to modern women who crave for trendy shoes. For those sophisticated connoisseurs who want something out of the ordinary, Vincci+ offers shoes,bags and accessories with a sense of luxury. The bags and shoes are limited to a few pieces per design, so you don't have to really worry about spotting someone wearing a pair of shoes exactly like yours!

Head on to the nearest Padini Concept Stores to see what it has to offer.For more info, be sure to check out



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