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Next time when you're thinking of going somewhere for a vacation, remember to pack your bag and go on a trip to Taiwan. But before you actually book your tickets for good, maybe you might want to gather some useful information regarding the places of attraction, culinary, types of transportation and the culture of the island. If you really love shopping and craving for delectable snacks and dishes, Taiwan is definitely one destination for shopaholics who can't help buying.. =P

Taiwan, which is also known as Formosa(beautiful island) in Portuguese, is the largest island of the Republic of China (ROC). Usually people tend to think of Taiwan as the small, crowded island, but however it is also a place where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery at Alishan, Taroko National Park, Mt. Hehuan, to name a few. Taiwan is a hotspot for its beautiful hot springs, high mountains and stunning beaches too.

The ''Taiwan Touch Your Heart'' continued to represent itself as a tourism logo on international promotions. The promotion appears to be quite a success as there has been an increasing number of tourists visiting Taiwan.

Last year during the summer of July 2008 right after my exams, I went on a trip to Taiwan with my family and a lovely friend. We visited many places and one of them was the Taipei 101, which is a landmark skycraper located in Xinyi District,Taipei,Taiwan. Taipei 101 is one of the 8 flagship destinations, so don't miss the chance to vist this unique building while you are at Taipei.
A photo of my Godmom and I standing at the entrance of Taipei 101

Moreover, tourists can also enjoy an exceptional shopping and dining experience at the Taipei 101 mall at its 828,000 sq. feet. The above photo was taken while I was having a heartiful meal at the Taipei 101 food court. If you do not fancy expensive dining at some fine restaurants you might actually want to consider eating at the food court,as the meals cost a whole lot cheaper.

Calling all shopaholics out there! Head on to Wu Fen Pu if you love inexpensive clothes. Wu Fen Pu is famous for its wholesale garment that houses over 1,000 little shops selling trendy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.The clothes are mostly priced at NT100, which means about RM 11 for 1 piece of top. And I don't mean T-shirt, they are the types of clothing which you can see from the above photo. A great place for shopaholics who want the latest trends that won't burn a hole in their wallet. I bought a few when I was there because I had to rush to another location.. =) Feeling tired after long hours of shopping? Refresh yourself with a bowl of brown sugar ice with toppings according to your likings at at store nearby.

Xi Men Ding is another great destination to stop by. It's a place where teens usually like to hang out, and those lucky ones might even spot famous Taiwanese singers like Jay Chou,S.H.E, Wang Lee Hom if there happens to be concerts or performances. There are also a lot of shops selling trendy clothes and accessories too.
Growling tummy? Make your way to Ah Chung Mian Xian for a slurping treat. Famous for its oyster mee sua(noodles),this is definitely a must-try!! By the way, the stall itself has no tables and chairs, so customers have to stand outside while eating. Okay, just go ahead and enjoy a bowl and soon you'll forget that you're merely standing!
That's me holding a big bowl of flavoured fruity ice with wafer and 2 scoops of ice cream.I look greedy though.Want more variety...? Go ahead and scroll down......

Typical Taiwanese snacks are found everywhere, particularly in places like the night markets where tourists can be able to find all the delicious snacks in a single location. Trying out these snacks, tourists will be able to learn about different specialties, cultures and people from different areas, adding a whole new perspective to traveling.

Welcome to Taiwan!!!~


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