Japanese Green Tea


I absolutely love to indulge in a cuppa Japanese Green Tea at any time of the day.Not only is the aroma tantalizing, it contains many kinds of benefits if a person consumes green tea occassionally. Green tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties, which can prevent the body from the attack of harmful free radicals. If these harmful molecules are blocked from being released,diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and aging process can be prevented.

Besides that, green tea also contains vitamin C,E and other minerals that are essential for a body's needs. The Japanese are known for their longer life span, and one of their secrets is their regular consumption of green tea. This explains how green tea generally helps to slow down the aging process & promote longevity. Drinking green tea also helps to reduce weight too.What is Matcha?

Matcha is the green tea powder originated from Japan and is used for drinking alone, to make mochi,soba noodles and green tea ice cream. The fine green tea powder is made from gyokuro leaves that have been steamed and dried. All stems and veins are removed before the leaves are then grinded into fine powder.

Here are some delicacies made from green tea powder(matcha):

The Japanese are absolutely creative when it comes to food...
Now let's take a sneak peak into how green tea ice cream is made.Enjoy watching!!~


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